2,000 KU Students Hoping To Be First Into Game Show Up For Lottery


There are few college sports traditions stronger than KU basketball. Students line up outside Allen Fieldhouse hours in advance and even camp out before home games.

“Before they camp out, they have a lottery, to determine what group is No. 1, what group is No. 2, No. 3, and so on down the line,” says Jim Marchiony, associate athletic director. “If you’re lucky enough to pull No.1, your student group will be the first to enter for the game.”

Marchiony says students enter the game a half hour before everyone else so they can get situated in the student section.

He says KU’s facilities staff helps them run it, but all the rules are written by the students and they self-police the event.

“It really is a fascinating thing to watch.”

Reports say about 2,000 students showed for the 6 a.m. lottery on Monday, third most in school history.

The Jayhawks play their first home game Tuesday night, an exhibition against Pittsburg State.