Black Ice Causes Multiple Accidents In Kansas Saturday Morning

This accident was at the Westgate bridge in the Northbound lanes

Multiple accidents in the capital city Saturday morning due to black ice.

Two injury accidents were reported at Highway 75 and 46th Street around 6:30 a.m. on the northbound ramp. Not much later, another 4-vehicle accident occurred at the I470 and Highway 75 Northbound ramp. This wreck caused the bridge to be closed down for a short time.

There were other accidents reported on the Westgate bridge, involving more than five vehicles. The bridge was shut down for awhile then opened back up with traffic slowed to a crawl.

No serious injuries were reported with any of these accidents.

Early morning temps were as low at 32 degrees and was expected to warm up. The rains from the night before and freezing temps causes many roadways to be slick and have black ice. 

Shawnee County Dispatch had reported black ice on over passes and bridges, and were applying sand and salt to roadways.