Case Of Kansas Legislator Being Attacked, CLOSED

Rep. Joe Edwards

Topeka Police say they have closed the case involving the attack of Haysville Republican Rep. Joe Edwards due to lack of leads and information.

“At this point that investigation has been investigated. We’ve exhausted all leads we have currently in that case, and the case is closed and inactive.”

Topeka Police Major Warren Wilson who led the investigation says the case will stay closed unless new information becomes available.

Edwards claims he was hit in the head and robbed while entering his hotel room at the Ramada Convention Center in downtown Topeka back in February after the State of the State Address.

Hotel Security reported that video footage and electronic key records showed that he entered his room alone that night.

Edwards was in the hospital with a concussion following the alleged attack.

Warren says they viewed the video footage from the hotel and interviewed staff, and they came to a point in the investigation where they could not take it any further.

He says their investigation has been forwarded to the District Attorney’s office.