USD 501 Teachers receive pay increase in new contract


Topeka teachers get a raise. According to a release from Topeka USD 501, NEA-T and Topeka Public Schools have completed interest based bargaining and reached agreement on a contract for certified staff for the 2015-2016 school year.  Interest based bargaining is a collaborative form of negotiations where both sides look to resolve interests rather than […]

PETA letter prompts City Council elephant visit

Topeka Zoo

Following a letter from the PETA Foundation received by the Topeka Zoo, the City Council is touring the Elephant program this morning. In the City’s written response to PETA Foundation counsel Rachel Mathews, zoo director Brendan Wiley said, “The Topeka Zoo meets current accrediting standards of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. While the Topeka […]

Rural Community Picks Up Pace and Size when Mud Runners Come to Town Saturday


Alta Vista’s population will more than double when the Mud Runners come to town. “We’ll have contestants from four states and spectators from throughout the Midwest for our Bogging in the Vista, right at the south edge of Alta Vista, Saturday, Aug. 22, with gates opening at 8 o’clock, and competition beginning at noon,” announced […]

Fundraiser Effort at Valley Falls for Farmer Suffering Stroke


“Community is coming together in a time of another’s need.” That’s the way it’s been for farmers since the beginning when one experienced hardship and work must still be done, neighbors, friends and family from many miles and counties around come to assist. Certain good things never change, and one Jefferson County farmer has certainly […]

Eureka Pro Rodeo becomes ‘Extra Special’ when Shriners Honor Five-Year-Old ‘Bear’s Triumphs over Birth Defects

Eureka rodeo honoree pic 1 IMG_0850[1]

“It was his first rodeo.” Certainly, one he’ll never forget, and the beginning of another special interest in the life of a very special boy. Many people get excited about attending rodeos, but the Eureka Pro Rodeo, Saturday evening at Eureka, was even more extraordinary to one little first time attendee. Five-year-old Landon Lacy, a […]

Update on Industry Concerns at Beef Producers Information Seminar Friday Morning in Emporia


Despite tallest, lushest Bluestem grasslands and clearest, bluest most ample water supplies in recent memories, and continuing nearly the highest markets in history, Flint Hills cattle producers still face a few dilemmas. “It’s sure a good time in the cattle business, nobody will deny that, but we’ve planned this year’s Beef Producers Information Seminar to […]

Added Western Attractions For Topeka Rodeo This Week


Changes to the bigger and better are on tap for The BIG 94.5 Country Topeka Rodeo, according to Dr. Jeff VanPetten, Meriden veterinarian and rodeo committee chairman. “Rodeo action is set for Friday and Saturday evenings, Aug 21-22, beginning at 8 o’clock at the North Topeka Saddle Blue Arena, 74th and North Topeka Boulevard,” VanPetten […]

Shriners Help Five-Year-Old ‘Bear’ Surmount Birth Defects As ‘Transformers’ Mobilize Eureka Pro Rodeo Honoree


“It will be his first rodeo.” Many people get excited about attending rodeos, especially those who’ve never had the experience before. But, the Eureka Pro Rodeo, Saturday evening, Aug. 15, at the Eureka, Kansas, Saddle Club Arena, will have even a much more special meaning to one little first time attendee. Five-year-old Landon Lacy, a […]

Two Full Days of Western Attractions Slated with Eureka Pro Rodeo Friday and Saturday

MichaelHerb10399983_10203390579578416_7105729998076678464_n[1] (2)

Be difficult to find a more appropriate locale for rodeo action than right in the heart of cattle country, Greenwood County smack dab in the middle the world renowned native Bluestem grasslands’ Flint Hills of Kansas. The Western action is set this weekend in the county seat town of Eureka, and it’s a full slate […]

Five Days of Fun Activities at Overbrook Osage County Fair This Week


Excitement for all is on tap for Overbrook this week. It’s the annual Overbrook Osage County Fair, August 12th through the 16th, at the fairgrounds right along Highway 56 in Overbrook, Kansas, according to announcement by Jane Goodyear, who’s on the fair committee helping with promotions efforts. “Every year, our historic community right on route […]

Lots More Than Even Tall Corn At Rossville’s Annual Tall Corn Festival This Weekend

lets go corndawgs

Old-timers claim corn in the Kaw Valley is taller than they’ve ever seen. With all of the rain, seed corn variety improvements, fertilization and modern farming techniques, that’s likely correct. Truth will be told when the tape measures come out for the “see how tall it really is” competition featured for the Rossville Tall Corn […]

Rodeo Spectators Reminded about True Story of Hard Times during ‘Cody’s Roundup’

15 Cody's Round Up (2)

Time turns back to simpler, yet much sadder times, while life as it truly was is being revealed in rodeo arenas throughout the country. Stories of The Great Depression are beyond imaginations of even Baby Boomers, whose grandparents, and sometimes even parents, lived the now incomprehensible struggles of the great stock market crash coupled with […]

Protecting Cowboys is Life’s Dream Come True for Rodeo Bullfighter-Bulldogger

kunze bullfighter img004

Cowboys are dreamers, so it seems, often with fascination from early days of succeeding in the Western sport, and many even following their inspirations to arena competition rewards. Wade Kunze is a cowboy, a good one following in his dad’s bootsteps, but most of his adrenalin rush as a preschooler was fired up from other […]

Double Sanctioned Rodeo Big Weekend Endeavor for Circleville Saddle Club


Circleville’s always been kind of “a horsey community.” With annual horse shows, “raceos,” and occasional team roping jackpots, and the like, the Circleville Saddle Arena has hosted horse events for decades. “For the last two years, we’ve hosted full ledged rodeos that were so successful, we’re planning our third annual Circleville Rodeo, Friday and Saturday, […]