Cats, Dogs Rescued From Burning Home

fire 033013

Fire crews were able to rescue several cats and dogs from a house fire in Topeka Saturday morning.

The fire department was asked to respond to 213 SW Taylor just before 10 a.m. after neighbors noticed smoke and flames coming from the home.

“One of the homeowners was home at the time,” fire Capt. Kelly Adams said. “He works the third shift, so he was asleep. He awoke to neighbors banging on the door, alerting him that there was smoke coming from the back of the house.”

“When the first fire companies arrived, they found heavy smoke coming from the upper back of the home,” Adams said. “They entered the home and confined the fire to the upstairs back bedroom.”

Adams said the homeowner, 51-year-old Kevin Hull, made it out safely, but three cats died in the fire. However, rescuers were able to save at least eight pets from the home.

“What they did was just take an oxygen non-rebreather mask and held it over the face of the cats,” Adams said. “They were still breathing, so as the oxygen went into their body, they started coming around.”

Adams says the surviving pets were put in cages and covered by tarps. Crews pumped oxygen into the cages to clear the byproducts of the fire from their lungs.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is underway.