Democratic Leaders Say They Have Someone To Battle Brownback In 2014

Kansas State Capitol

Democratic leaders in the Kansas Legislator say the Governors tax and budget plans are going to hurt core services in the state because the general fund will take a hit. Now they are calling for a new governor in 2014.

“If you take away a large revenue source from the general fund, the income tax, what do you expects going to happen? It’s going to be devastating to the general fund budget, and thus schools get cut, public safety gets cut. The Social Service Safety Net gets cut. That is the result of these income tax cuts.”

Senate Minority leader Anthony Hensley says it will then come down to the voters on what to do about the problem.

“The ultimate solution in my mind is in the hands of the voters. Let’s elect a new Governor in 2014.”

When asked if the Democrats had a contender to go up against Governor Brownback, Hensley said yes, but they would not announce who that was until after the legislative session.