Democrats Start Planning For 2014 Elections


The Democratic Party is revving up their engines as they get ready for the 2014 elections.

Several state and U.S. seats will be up for grabs including the office of Governor. 

Democratic Party Chair Woman Joan Wagnon says she believes the tables will be turned this coming election.

“People are not happy with the kind of programs and policies that Governor Brownback has put in place.  They are not happy with the cuts to higher education or with public schools.  They are frightened about the size of the budget deficit.”

While no major announcements have been made about who will be running for some of the larger political offices, Wagnon says there will be plenty of options at the voting booth in the 2014 primary and general elections.

While we’re still over a year away from the next big election, Wagnon says they have already started the planning process.

“What they party does right now is try to get the organizational structures in place so the candidates with have the support they need.”

Wagnon says they have already had several fundraisers for the Democratic party, and plan on hosting more soon.

Many names are being considered on the Democratic ticket for the upcoming election, but she could not say what those names were.  

According to a report from the Associated Press, Democrats most often mentioned as potential gubernatorial candidates are Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis, of Lawrence; businesswoman and former Board of Regents member Jill Docking, of Wichita, and former state Agriculture Secretary Joshua Svaty, an Ellsworth County native.