Gage Project Delayed, City Still Working With Local Businesses

Topeka City Hall

The SW Gage Boulevard reconstruction project from SW 33rd Terrace to SW 45th Street that was to begin Monday has been delayed while the City continues to work with the business community to find a mutually beneficial solution to business accessibility concerns.

City Manager Jim Colson announced the delay while the City seeks to improve communication with local businesses. “We are committed to being business-friendly and providing the highest level of service to the residents of this community. It became obvious with this project that we had a viable plan, but did not effectively communicate with impacted parties. We are delaying this project to achieve a better result,” Colson said.

The length of the project delay is unknown at this time. Message boards located at either end of the project announcing the start date will be updated to reflect the change.

The City may modify the construction plan that includes closing Gage to through traffic from 45th Street to the south half of the 40th Street intersection until June 3. There, the contractor would remove the current concrete roadway and replace it with concrete curbs and gutters with asphalt driving lanes. The second phase, from 40th Street to 33rd Terrace, would be completed in November.

Nearly 100 people learned more about the project at a public meeting on Monday at the Light of the World Christian Center.

Local businesses expressed concerns about the construction in a petition filed Thursday in Shawnee County District Court against the City and its contractor, Bettis Asphalt and Construction. The City is in the process of reviewing the filing and providing the appropriate response.