Highway Patrol Searching For Suspect In Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident

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The Highway Patrol is asking for the public’s help in solving a deadly hit and run crash in south central Kansas.

On November 5th, a tow truck driver was killed on US-50 in Stafford County.

Trooper Gary Warner says they obtained video footage from inside a convenience store and were able to pull a still image of a man who came in and reported the crash. 

“We released that information Thursday and the individual saw the photograph, contacted us, and we were able to interview him,” Warner said. “He was not a witness to the crash, but very likely was the first vehicle there.”

What has been making this case difficult, according to Trooper Warner, is the lack of physical evidence left at the scene. He says usually, there is debris left from a hit and run accident that helps them determine color of the vehicle involved, and sometimes even make and model.

Anyone with information about this crash is urged to contact Master Trooper Mike Robinson at 316-744-0451.