House Fire Requires Extra Manpower


A large house fire has required extra manpower Friday afternoon.

Initially, it was reported that children were trapped in the basement but they have been safely removed and no injuries were reported.

The fire was going strong when fire crews arrived so they called in back up.

“When you get into a situation like this and you got a lot of guys doing a lot of hard work it’s nice to have some back up especially if we do any interior firefighting,” said Fire Chief Karl McNorton. “We brought in Topeka Fire, they were our rapid intervention team, and then they also bring in a unit that can fill our air packs, too.”

The fire also spread to the family’s car. 

Large flames were seen and extra help was requested in the fully involved fire at 425 NW 48th Terrace – right off of North Topeka Blvd. 

McNorton says they don’t know the cause of the fire but he thinks it will be a total loss.