Jake’ Takes: College Football Picks Week 9


Upsets have been pretty scarce during the  Big 12 portion of the  season. The only one that really sticks out is West Virginia taking down Oklahoma State in Morgantown.  Could this be the week in the Big 12 like week eight was in the SEC when a handful of underdogs came out on top. 

Week nine of the Big 12 schedule will be a busy one as all ten teams in the league will be playing.

Before I make my predictions, it is week 8 and some teams are on the verge of becoming bowl eligible or in Texas Tech, Baylor and Oklahoma, are already bowl eligible, how many teams in the Big 12 will go bowling this year.

Last year KU was the only team that didn’t make a bowl game. 

Lets take a look:

Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Baylor have six wins already. So that is three teams that are in.

Oklahoma State is 5-1 right now and one win away to get eligible so you would think the Pokes will get there. 

Texas is 4-2 and have TCU, KU, WVU, OSU, TT and Baylor left on their schedule. With KU and WVU that would be two wins to get to the six needed. 

This is where it gets dicey. TCU and West Virginia are 3-4, KU and K-State are 2-4 and then ISU is 1-5. 

KU will not be bowling this year, I just hope they win a Big 12 game this year. 

I don’t think the Cyclones get five more wins in the season to go bowling.  So that leaves KU and ISU out.

The three teams left that have lots of work to do.  TCU needs three wins, they have Texas, WVU, ISU, KSU, Baylor left on their schedule. They can very well get three wins. Big games for TCU will be WVU, ISU, KSU. I don’t think TCU can take down Baylor or Texas right now, so they have to win out against ISU, KSU and WVU and all of those games are back-to-back-to-back.  I think they can get wins against ISU and WVU but the KSU game will be the big one.  

West Virginia has KSU, TCU, Texas, KU, ISU.  Can they find three wins? I don’t know. Its about as close as a must win situation as you can be in this week against KSU. If they lose, they would have to win 3 of their last 4 and this team has been very inconsistent this year. 

K-State has yet to win a Big 12 game. They are 0-3 and 2-4 overall so they need 4 wins. They finish: WVU, ISU, TT, TCU, OU, KU.  I think the KU and ISU games are wins. So the Cats need two more wins against WVU, TT, TCU, OU. So how big of a game is the WVU game this Saturday. Huge. If KSU loses, they go to 2-5, and need four wins and only have five games remaining.  The Two big games will WVU and TCU and both are home, so I think they get it due to the home games. 

So as of right now I would say bowl teams in the Big 12 are: Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Kansas State.  TCU is the team that is on the bubble. 

On to the picks this week:

Last Week: 4-0

Overall:  36-11


WVU @ KSU: This is a huge game for both teams as I alluded above for going to a bowl game. KSU is coming off another bye week and should be rested and healthy. WVU couldn’t finish off the Red Raiders last week. Trickett is the QB and is almost 100 % healthy. The two RB’s Smith and Sims are fantastic runners and KSU’s run defense will be tested. The Mountaineers are so inconsistent. Terrible games against Maryland and Baylor but good games against OSU, OU and Texas Tech. This is a total cliche of an answer but whoever takes care of the ball will win. Turnovers in this game are going to be hard to overcome. Lockett and Thompson will be back so that adds a few more weapons for Sams. I think because it is at home K-State gets the win, but in a close game- KSU 28-24

Baylor @ KU: Does KU  cover the 35 points. That is the question. Baylor’s offense is good we all know that, but on the road they are somewhat human. Last year KU lost 41-14 the year before in Lawrence it was a 31-30 win in overtime for Baylor. Baylor’s offense is too good and the KU offense won’t keep the Baylor offense off the field. Baylor cruises. Bears 56-20

OSU @ ISU: Oklahoma State’s defense is the reason the Pokes are 5-1 right now. They continue to play well. The only concern I have for Okie State is the game is on the road.  I know the QB situation is up in the air, but either Chelf or Walsh should be good enough for the Pokes to get the win. ISU is tough at home but doesn’t have enough fire power to win this one. OSU 31-21

TT @ OU: The game of the week in the Big 12. Texas Tech still undefeated going into Norman for homecoming. Can the two freshman QB’s handle Norman on the big stage. I think Texas Tech offensively will be fine. OU’s defense didn’t look that great against Texas and lets face it KU was in the game until the final drive in the 4th quarter. Texas Tech’s defense is legit. They are great against the run. The key to the game will be how does Blake Bell throw the football because I think Tech will slow down the OU  running game. I am going with the upset. I think Tech wins on the road and improves to 8-0. Tech 31-28

Texas @ TCU: A little curious how TCU is the favorite in this game but they are. TCU will have Casey Pachall available for the game but don’t know how much he will play. TCU’s defense is good and the only reason they are 3-4 is due to their poor offense. They have no offensive firepower right now. Texas will have Case McCoy at the helm but he has played very well. The Longhorns are coming off a bye week so they should be rested and ready to go. TCU run defense vs the Texas RB’s will be a fun matchup to watch. I think Texas continues to play well and they get the win on the road. Texas 24-17