Jake’s Takes: College Football Picks Week 13


We are coming down to the final few weeks for college football. After Saturday’s contests, KU, KSU, ISU, TCU, TT and WVU all have just one big 12 game remaining on their schedule. 

We know who is going to a bowl game and who is staying home. Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas State and Texas Tech will all be playing in the post season. KU, ISU, WVU, and TCU will not be bowling this year. 

On to the picks.

Last week: 4-1

Overall Record: 51-16

Only three games are schedule for this Saturday.

OU @ KSU: The Cats are riding a lot of momentum going into their final home game of 2013. They have won four in a row and the offense has put up 33, 49, 41, 35 points per game during their four game winning streak. The run game is efficient and Hubert and Sams are a great one-two punch. Their defense has been pretty good against the run and outside of the TCU game last Saturday, haven’t given up the big play. The only negative that KSU is dealing with is the loss of senior leader Ty Zimmerman, which is a big time loss, and the reason KSU gave up the big plays was due to his absence. OU is dealing with suspensions and injuries. They will be without RB Damien Williams and WR Lacoltan Bester, both very important offensive weapons for the Sooners. Bell is not going to play due to a concussion according to reports. That leaves Trevor Knight as the signal caller. Knight is as good a runner as Bell if not better, the zone read will be the key for the Wildcats to stop. This is a simple prediction for me, whoever stops the run will win the game. I think KSU has more balance on offense with Waters throwing the ball. OU will rely on the run game cause Knight is not a proven passer yet. Turnovers and running game are the difference. I like KSU at home to get it done and continue the momentum. KSU 24-21

KU @ ISU: Can KU win back to back Big 12 games since 2008. Can KU win a Big 12 road game since 2008? Can KU just win on the road? Last road win was vs UTEP in 2009. It will be crazy cold in Ames for the 7:00 kick. ISU can run the ball with Aaron Wimberly, the question is can they add anything in the passing game. KU had its best offensive output in a Big 12 non overtime situation since 2011 when they put up 34 against Texas Tech.  Wind will be a factor, so special teams could be a big momentum changer. KU has to run the ball effective to win and I think they will play action pass it down the field and Cozart will surprise some people with his arm. Iowa State is tough at home, they have been in every home game except for the Oklahoma State game, which the Pokes are just at another level then KU. Call me nostalgic, but the last Big 12 road win for the Hawks was against Iowa State. KU gets it done. KU 35-33

BU @ OSU: The game of the year is here and it could possibly be in the worst weather of the year. Freezing rain and sleet are in Stillwater at the moment and could be tomorrow for this big time game. The Bears are rolling, the Cowboys are rolling. This has the making of a shoot out but both defense are very good this year, they are the top two in the big 12 in scoring defense. The team that doesn’t’ allow the easy score, aka a special teams touchdown or a defensive score or a big time play will get the win. Whoever  eliminates the big plays will win. Make the opposing team drive the field, which both teams have no problem doing as they both run it and throw it with ease. The Cowboys are so tough at home and Baylor seems to struggle on the road. I like and want the bears to win to keep the dream season alive. I think Baylor makes just enough big plays to get it done. Baylor 50-49


Bonus game:

ESU @ Minnesota Duluth: ESU is in their first playoff game since 2003. This is a tale of two completely different styles. The Bulldogs are a smash mouth, run it down your throat, play tough defense type of team. Emporia is a spread it out, use all 53 1/3 yards of the field, have the pass set up the run, type of team. It will be in Duluth Minnesota, if you don’t know where that is, well, picture the Canada US Border on the east side of Minnesota and there you have Duluth right next to Lake Superior. Brent Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, he has been fantastic, he will not be playing due to a broken collarbone. Corben Jones replaces him and is a good backup but he is not Brent Wilson. Look for Antonio Brown, the Co-MIAA freshman of the year to have a big game running the ball and they will rely more on the running game. If ESU can slow down the Bulldog running attack, which is one of the best in the nation, they have a chance. I think the Bulldogs win because its at home and no Brent Wilson. Bulldogs 35-28