Jake’s Takes: College Football Picks Week 8


Just when you think you have college football and the Big 12 figured out it takes a “U” turn and goes in a totally different direction. 

I don’t know how many people thought Texas would beat Oklahoma last week, but I do know that not even die hard Texas fans thought they would handle the Sooners the way they did. The score didn’t indicate how easily the Longhorns handled what I thought was the best team in the Big 12. 

We have three teams still undefeated in the Big 12. Texas Tech at 3-0, Texas at 3-0 and Baylor at 2-0. 

I am very surprised that Tech and Texas are still undefeated. Texas of course I thought would lose to Oklahoma and  I figured Kliff Kingsbury and the Red Raiders would have slipped up once by now  just due to his first year as head coach.  Kingsbury has done a fantastic job, especially with their defense. 

The question I am curious to know is who is the second best quarterback in the league? 

Bryce Petty is number one, and that’s pretty much everyone’s opinion. But who is number two?

In a league that has been known for quarterbacks sure doesn’t have the top echelon of quarterbacks right now.

Before last week I would of said Blake Bell, after the Texas loss, I don’t know. Two weeks before that I would have said Baker Mayfield, but he has been hurt.

JW Walsh from Oklahoma State? He didn’t look to good against West Virginia and didn’t play last week.

West Virginia, TCU and KSU have had multiple guys play at quarterback. So a no go on those three.

Sam Richardson and Jake Heaps are not number two.  

Could Case McCoy be the second best quarterback in the league? He looked good against OU.

I would go with a coin flip between JW Walsh and Baker Mayfield. So the second best QB could be a true freshman walk on? 

Shows where the league is at quarterback wise doesn’t it.

On to the picks this week:

Last Week:  3-1

Overall – 32-11

Texas and K-State are off this week


OU @ KU: KU’s defense looked pretty good against TCU. The problem is OU’s offense is a lot better then TCU and a lot more explosive. Bob Stoops is 14-0 in games played after the Texas game. So that right there doesn’t bode well for the Jayhawks. The Sooner defense showed some holes against Texas. Prior to the Texas game OU looked dominant on defense. Losing LB Corey Nelson seems to be a bigger loss then what people expected. Good news for OU is that KU doesn’t have the weapons to threaten this defense. KU has to have someone step up and make plays. Tony Pierson is a game time decision as is LB Ben Heeney. Heeney is a huge loss for the Jayhawks if he can’t go. Love watching Heeney roam sideline to sideline. The question is how much does OU win by. OU 44-20


TCU @ OSU:  The Pokes are 14-1 in their last 15 games at Boone Pickens Stadium. I think the defense for OSU will be prepared for a mobile quarterback like Boykin. OSU struggled to keep KSU’s Sams in the pocket but benefited from the costly turnovers KSU committed. The TCU offense has struggled recently and didn’t look that great against KU. The Frog defense though is legit. KU couldn’t do anything on offense, with that said, the OSU offense isn’t KU, they will be able to move the ball on this TCU defense a little bit. The question is what will the TCU offense do? Pokes make enough big plays and the TCU offense continues to struggle. Pokes 28-21


TT @ WVU: The Red Raiders are undefeated and playing well. This defense is not talked about enough. The front seven of TT has been dominant and they lead the league in rushing defense allowing just 113 yards per game. West Virginia didn’t play last week and maybe that is a good thing considered the last time they played they gave up a bajillion yards to Baylor. Don’t know if Mayfield will play but Davis Webb has filled in very nicely in his absence. West Virginia has been Jekyll and Hyde recently. Looking terrible vs Maryland, then beats OSU, then look bad against Baylor. This is in Morgantown, so its a long road trip for TT. I think the Tech defense is the key in shutting down WVU running game with Sims and Smith. TT 38-28 


ISU @ BU: Baylor’s offense looked human against the Wildcats. They had one solid drive to start the game and then relied on the big play to get them the win. Good news for Baylor is they make a ton of big plays, even better news for Baylor, they are at home which this offense seems to be unstoppable at home. The Bears are 16-1 at home in their last 17 games. They put up huge numbers at home. ISU had better hope Sam Richardson doesn’t turn it over and they use the blueprint that KSU used. Aaron Wimberly, get ready to carry it about 30 times. Can ISU run the ball on Baylor? KSU sure did with Sams. Can ISU run the ball and play steady defense and not give up the big play on the road? I don’t think so. BU 51-24