KU Campus Protest Targets Concealed Weapons Ban


by Stephen Koranda

Some students on the University of Kansas campus have been wearing empty holsters to class Tuesday to protest a ban on carrying concealed weapons.

Lawmakers passed a law this year allowing legally carried concealed weapons to be brought into most public buildings, unless the buildings have security measures like guards and metal detectors. But universities can continue to ban concealed carry for up to four years. Kendon Brawner is a KU student from Lawrence who is wearing an empty holster Tuesday.

“I’d like to see students conceal and carry. I believe that our rights extend to the campus and we should be able to defend ourselves on campus as well.”

The group Young Americans for Liberty is hosting a town hall meeting on the topic Tuesday on the KU campus. Members of the Kansas Board of Regents and some university staff have questioned the safety of allowing guns on campus.

The regents have decided to continue the prohibition of carrying concealed weapons on campus and are currently studying the issue.

The town hall meeting is at 7:30 Tuesday evening at the KU Memorial Union.