Manhattan Woman Threatened And Fired For Comments On Facebook

Orginal Post Made

A Manhattan woman says she is standing by her comments she made on Facebook, even though she has received death threats and was fired from her job.

Meagan May posted on her Facebook page on September 23rd, a comment saying:

Orginal Post Made

Now May says that comment has generated over 10,000 comments on her page, been shared over 2,800 times, she’s received phone calls and even death threats.  But she says she will not take down the post.

“I’m gonna let people know that I can post what I want on my Facebook.  That’s the entire point of Facebook, and if they don’t like it, they don’t have to look at it. I’m not hurting anybody and I guess what I said may have been rude and that wasn’t my intention but I’m not doing anything wrong by posting on my Facebook.”

May tells WIBW NewsNow that she made the comment because she believes that soldiers received too much special treatment, especially at her former job at Carmike Cinemas.

Now that comment generated so much reaction, she says Carmike Cinemas fired her.  They even posted on her original comment:

Carmike Reaction

May says she was a manager at the theater and was promoted to that position only a week before her termination.

Aside from being fired from her job, some of the comments made on her page include death threats, what she calls lies about her personal life, and even comments about her daughter.

Family Comments

Another Comment 

Baby Dead

—-NEW Comments To Her Page —–

New Threat 1

New Threat 2


New Threat 3

New Threat 4

“She’s a baby, and they’re words. Hopefully by the time she’s older this whole thing will have blown over or she won’t be held responsible for what I said.”

Some have gone as far as to call her cell phone, but overall she says she doesn’t care what people think of her.

“The world’s opinion of me is nothing, and I guess that’s another point I’ve been trying to make to everybody.  This whole thing is hilarious that they think I care that they call me mean names.”

Some have even come to her defense:

Support Comment

May says she will continue to post her opinion on her Facebook page.