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Monday - September 1, 2014
NameSymbolLast PriceChange
AT&T Inc.T34.96+0.22
Bank of America CBAC16.09+0.08
Berkshire HathawaBRK-A205880.00+1840.00
Boeing Company (TBA126.80-0.31
Capitol Federal FCFFN12.35+0.06
ConocoPhillips CoCOP81.22+0.56
The Goodyear TireGT25.97+0.20
Kroger Company (TKR50.98-0.02
McDonald's CorporMCD93.72-0.42
Pepsico, Inc. ComPEP92.49-0.09
Sprint CorporatioS5.61-0.05
Target CorporatioTGT60.07-0.28
Walgreen Co. CommWAG60.52+0.05
Wal-Mart Stores,WMT75.50-0.40
Westar Energy, InWR36.93+0.17
Wolverine World WWWW26.56+0.22


NameSymbolLast PriceChange
NASDAQ Composite^IXIC4580.271+22.577
NYSE COMPOSITE IN^NYA11046.33+36.629
S&P 500^GSPC2003.37+6.63
HANG SENG INDEX^HSI24752.09+10.029
FTSE 100^FTSE6825.31+5.56
CAC 40^FCHI4379.73-1.31
Nikkei 225^N22515476.6+52.01


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