Mental Health First Aid Survey Shows Help For Those In Distress

mental health

If you’ve learned how to do first aid, you know how you can help someone with a medical need. But do you know how to help someone in mental health need?

Amy Mendenhall, an associate professor of social welfare at the University of Kansas is working on a survey of those who have taken a mental health first aid course.

She said, “It’s a course that teaches people in the general public, not people that are general health professionals already, how to recognize and assist a person that might be dealing with some kind of mental health distress.”

Mendenhall said that while the current mental health first aid course that’s being taught in the US is geared toward adults, it’s good for people to know how to recognize the signs of somebody who might need mental health help.

She went on to say, “Mental health first aid gives you some symptoms, signs that you can look for and be on the look out for for the person who might be experiencing some anxiety so that you can then support them as a professional working with them.”

Mendenhall said the course teaches the everyday person the signs and symptoms of a mental health issue, and allows them to help the person affected with some sort of mental health distress.