New Poll Shows Brownback Down In Governor’s Race

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A new poll released by the Public Policy Polling shows Governor Sam Brownback behind Rep. Paul Davis if the election were held today.

According to the poll, 45% of those polled said they would vote for Democratic contender Paul Davis while 41% said they would vote for republican incumbent Brownback. 14% said they were not sure.

886 registered Kansas voters were polled in the recent survey with Medicaid one of the topics asked about.

According to the Political Action group, the poll also indicates that Governor Brownback’s refusal to expand Medicaid in Kansas could hurt him, and other Kansas Republicans, electorally in 2014.

The survey found that 55% of Kansas voters think the state should accept federal Medicaid expansion dollars, and 39% of voters said they were more likely to vote for Paul Davis as a result of his position on Medicaid expansion.

The poll was conducted between April 1st through the 2nd.