Ottawa Police Report 6/11/13

Ottawa Police

June 11, 2013

19 calls for service, 0 bar checks, 6 follow ups, 0 written warnings and 29 tickets


2101 South Princeton, (Wal-Mart) 1117 hours, Leslie Timm, 24 year-old Ottawa female was arrested for shoplifting items from the store.  Officer Alsbrooks

2101 South Princeton (Wal-Mart), 1751 hours, Patsy Kochenower, a 75 year old Princeton female, reported that her purse was stolen while she was shopping.  Officer Butters  Officer Luft


400 South Main Street, 1551 hours, Jeannette Lewis, a 62 year old Pomona female, struck a legally parked vehicle.  Lewis was cited for inattentive driving.  Officer Luft

Domestic Battery

800 block of East 6th Street, 2232 hours, John Owczarski a 31 year old Ottawa male, was arrested for battering Erica Owczarski a 21 year old Ottawa female. Officer Bulcock