Papa Keno’s To Replace Mr. Goodcents’ Wanamaker Location


The Mr. Goodcents located on Wanamaker closed but, rest assured, another restaurant is coming to take its place. 

Papa Keno’s, a popular pizza place from Lawrence will be taking over the 1550 SW Wanamaker location.  Brandon Graham, owner of the Mr. Goodcents franchise locations in Topeka also owns Papa Keno’s and says the location will better suit the pizza place.

“I think it’ll be a little bit of a challenge but one of the reasons we are moving Papa Keno’s in there is because of the more destination oriented type of concept that is more night and weekend driven that has a little more sit-time and is naturally and inherently more driven by delivery and pick-up with the pizza concept,” said Graham.

Graham says that he has high hopes for the Topeka location.

“I think we are going to be in pretty good shape there and we are pretty excited to bring Papa Keno’s to the Topeka marketplace,” said Graham. “We have lots of outstanding great customers from Topeka that visit our Lawrence store all the time and we are pretty excited about that.”

The search is still on for a replacement location for the Mr. Goodcents that closed on October 19th. Graham says that no employees lost their jobs, they just moved to one of the two other locations in Topeka. 

“We have just a great nucleus and core of employees that many of which have been with us for years and years. Our turnover is very low,” said Graham.

The location at 3640 SW Topeka Blvd. is only four minutes away and they have noticed that location has been busier since the close. That location has also been delivering and catering to the west side of town.

Graham says they have some minor renovations to do at the 1550 SW Wanamaker location before they can open Papa Keno’s, but it shouldn’t take long.