Parent Claims Child Had Gun Pointed At Them On School Bus

Flashing Lights and Sign on School Bus

A child on a school bus in Topeka pointed a cigarette lighter that looked like a gun at another student, prompting an investigation by school officials and the Topeka Police Department.

“We had a report late yesterday afternoon from a middle school parent that a student had pointed, what they believed was a gun, at their student,” Ron Harbaugh, spokesman for Topeka Public Schools said.

Harbaugh told WIBW News on Friday that the student in question is a boy in the seventh grade at Jardine Middle School.

He says school administrators found the boy was on a bus that was headed home and they stopped the bus.

“They talked to the student and found, in his backpack, a cigarette lighter that resembled a gun.”

Harbaugh says the student was returned to school and his parents were called.

“Appropriate action, as dictated by our district policy, will be taken in this matter,” Harbaugh said.

Biggest Takeaway?

“If a student has anything that resembles a weapon, they are putting themselves in a very dangerous situation,” Harbaugh said. “If they should be confronted by law enforcement, in a quick decision, they don’t know if it’s a toy or the real thing, and it could be disastrous for the student.”

He recommends if a parent finds anything that resembles a gun in their home, to be sure it never gets brought to school.