Sen. Moran: Congress To Discuss Farm Bill, NBAF Funding


Congress is discussing a couple topics this week directly related to Kansas.

U.S. Senator for Kansas Jerry Moran says they are considering a farm bill that he hopes will preserve and strengthen the crop insurance program.

“Our priority there will be to try to maintain, preserve, and strengthen the crop insurance program,” Moran said. “As it has become so important, based upon the weather here on the high plains, to keep our farmers farming.”

Moran says they considered a new farm bill last year but it didn’t pass the House. 

Also, the appropriations process is on going as they work to fulfill the President’s budget recommendation for NBAF, the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility to be built in Manhattan.

“Finally after all these years, the President’s budget includes the full level of funding for NBAF and now it’s up to Congress to see if we can come up with the money to do so,” Moran said. “It’s a significant amount of money, but an important priority for the safety and security of our country’s food supply and preventing terrorists from using our food supply in an economic way to damage our country.”

Moran says some members of congress need to be convinced to agree with the President’s budget recommendation for NBAF.