Sit With the Guru and hear a sad, sad tale

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Boy, I tell you – the Royals can rip off a long losing streak just as easy as pie.  We’ve talked about how they are a better team this year – not just me but all the sports bloggers and personalities here at WIBW.  But for all the additional resources the team has compared to some past seasons, they don’t have much more to show for it right now.  Their record at the All-Star break is 43-49.  Just five days ago they were one game away from getting back to .500, a mark they had been at some three weeks ago when they managed to put a four game losing streak together.  At the end of that streak, they then went into a maddening stretch of lose one-win one for over two weeks.  Two weeks without losing or winning more than once in succession.  When was the last time that happened?  Finally on the last homestand they beat the Indians back-to-back.  It was the first series in a 20 game stretch that most followers of the club viewed as the most important of this season, especially if the Royals had thoughts of getting into contention in the American League Central.  The Royals then lost two out of three to Oakland – again in lose one-win one-lose one fashion.  They then began the second week of that stretch of games with two wins in New York against the Yankees.  That put them just one game below .500 at 43-44 and momentum was starting to build.  But just as quickly as things started really looking up – POW!  Two straight blowout losses to the Yanks and three discouraging losses to Cleveland – during which the club went 22 straight innings without scoring a run – and their sad, sad tale continues.  Six below .500, six and a half games out of second place and eight games out of first.  Unless they somehow put together a monster second half, the Royals not only will not contend, but also won’t sniff .500 again and may not get close to it by the time the season ends.  I don’t know if it’s just that David Glass karma or what.  And come to think of it, I don’t think I’d like to write a story about that ol’ David Glass karma – all you need to know is that the Royals have had just one winning season – ONE – since Glass has had anything to do with the team.  And that Chiefs Training Camp Reports start in two weeks.  Now that’s a tale that won’t be so sad – and should be a lot more fun to blog about.