Today Is The Last Day To Apply To Be The #94Stampede Intern


If you think you have what it takes to be the 94 Country Stampede Intern, today is the last day to submit your application!

Jim Daniels from the Walker Daniels Morning show on The Big 94.5 County says you need to be ready to work.

“You do have to get up early.  You are the morning show intern, so you will wake up and start your day at around 4:30am.  We’ll start broadcasting at 5:00am.  Then you’ll be done at 9:00am.”

Then when you’re done, you’ll be able to stay the day and enjoy the festivities.

But what exactly would you do?

“We are looking for someone who is good with crowd control and good with people.  Rusty and I will be broadcasting from the camp grounds  at Kicker Country Stampede.  We really need someone who can line up contestants because we will be doing a variety of contests in the camp grounds that ultimalty people will have a chance to win tickets that are VIP, that are for seats up on stage, backstage passes, things along those lines.”

To submit your application, you have to do it by today, by clicking here!