Topeka High Earns Hard Fought Win over Junction City

Topeka High Trojan

The Topeka High Trojans had to get a win on Friday night in order to give themselves a chance at returning to the class 6A playoffs and they did just that winning 21-14 over Junction City. 

All four teams in the district are still in the running for making the playoffs. 

This this the standings as of right now. 

Manhattan 2-0 and (+18) in the points.

Junction city is 1-1 with (0) in the points

Topeka HIgh is 1-1 with (-8) in the points

Washburn Rural is 0-2 with (-10) in the points.

Friday’s schedule has Topeka High at Washburn Rural and Junction City at Manhattan.

Here are the scenarios.

We know this, if Manhattan wins, they are the district champ.

If Manhattan wins and Topeka High wins, they both go to the playoffs.

If Manhattan wins, they are the the district winner, and Washburn Rural wins, it comes down to points between JC, High and Washburn Rural. 

If Junction City wins and Topeka High win. Then it comes down to points between JC, High and Manhattan on who  is district champ and who is runner-up to go to the playoffs. 

If Junction City Wins and Washburn Rural win, then Manhattan and Junction City will go to the playoffs. 

Washburn Rural has to win and needs Manhattan to win in order to have a chance at the playoffs. 

Mark Elliott recaps the win for the Trojans