VIDEO: #94Stampede To Be Featured This Weekend On Travel Channel


Two months ago, WIBW NewsNow told you about the Travel Channel shooting a TV show at the Country Stampede. Now, it’s show time as the great Country Music Festival will be center stage this weekend.

According to the Travel Channel, the Stampede episode of Fandemonium will air this Sunday, September 1st, on the Travel Channel at 8:00pm.

On their website, “Adam heads to Manhattan, KS, to take part in one of the largest parties in the Midwest: Country Stampede. From checking out unique tailgates to finding the best in fan ingenuity, Adam is on a quest to discover how these superfans have fun at one of the biggest country music festivals in America.”

Check out the video from the show below:




National TV Network, The Travel Channel, has made Manhattan a stop in their shooting of a new series.

Star of Man vs. Food,  Adam Richman was seen Saturday afternoon with a production crew shooting video and interviews on the ground of the Kicker! Country Stampede.

WIBW NewsNow has learned that they were shooting a new series for the Travel with Richman, called Fandemonium.

According to the Travel Channel website, “Adam Richman is on a mission to find the craziest super fans, culinary creations and cultural experiences at the wildest fan gatherings across the nation. In each episode, Adam immerses himself into an event that has a legendary base of obsessed, passionate superfans, from the Daytona 500 to the Kentucky Derby to Trucks Gone Wild.”

Richman, who is a friend of the Locash Cowboys, was also seen shooting several segments with the Country Music stars.

Richman declined and interview, but said he would have someone from the Travel Channel contact WIBW NewsNow when more information was available about the airing of the episode.

The series premieres on the Travel Channel on July 14th.

(Photo Courtesy: The Travel Channel)