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Economic Recovery Triggers Loss of Unemployment Benefits

Due to economic growth and recovering unemployment rates in Kansas, the U.S. Department of Labor notified the state that it will remain on the 13-week Extended Benefits – the E.B. program – for unemployed Kansans, but that the state no longer qualifies for the High Unemployment Period under that program.

The federal agency’s announcement means that Kansans are no longer eligible for an additional seven weeks of E.B. under federal law.

Additionally, the Kansas Department of Labor is prohibited from making any additional payments to claimants that fall outside of the 13 weeks window, regardless of where a claimant falls within the original extended period.

Kansans who are no longer eligible for the E.B. program may be eligible to receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance if they qualify under all of the program’s federally-mandated requirements.

The Kansas Department of Labor has reached out to impacted claimants to inform them of the program’s suspension, and to notify them that they are no longer eligible for payments beyond the initial 13 weeks.

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