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Kansas Revenue Keeps Rolling In

The State of Kansas continues to see more money roll in, compared to the same month of the last fiscal year.

October’s total tax receipts were an 11.7% over the estimate.

That is 7.9%, or $43.6 million, more than October of Fiscal Year 2020.

Individual income tax collections were a 9.1% increase from the estimate.

That is 9.1%, or $23.6 million, more than collected in October last year.

Corporate income tax collections were 74.0% more than estimated, with $26.1 million collected.

Retail sales tax collections were up $13.0 million from the estimate, with $211.0 million collected.

Those collections are 5.1% more than the same month last fiscal year.

Compensating use tax collections were $50.7 million – 21.6% more than the previous October.

The Consensus Revenue Estimating Group meets Friday to discuss the economic outlook of the state and the State General Fund.

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