KU Law School Expands Program for Quicker Degree

Students at Wichita State University will be able to accelerate their legal education and save a year of tuition, thanks to an expansion of the Legal Education Accelerated Degree – or LEAD – program at the University of Kansas.

Wichita State is the third Regents university to partner with KU Law’s LEAD program.

KU’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences became the first LEAD partner in fall 2013, with Kansas State University joining in 2016.

LEAD program students earn a bachelor’s degree and a KU Law degree in six years instead of seven.

Students spend three years on a bachelor’s degree and three years on a KU law degree.

They graduate with a bachelor’s degree after their fourth year, and already have one year of law school under their belt.

KU entered a memorandum of understanding with Wichita State to make the program available to Shocker students majoring in criminal justice, English, history, philosophy, or political science.