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Sedgwick County to Bars: The Curfew Isn’t Voluntary Now

Sedgwick County had a health order in place, including an 11 p.m. curfew for bars and nightclubs – a curfew that several of those establishments chose to ignore. The county has now made a change.

Ignoring the curfew meant businesses could lose the legal immunity from coronavirus lawsuits that state lawmakers granted them earlier this year, according to county officials.

Some chose to ignore it, anyway.

The county has now taken away the option.

The old county order and the new one that has just gone into effect are identical, except for Section Three of each.

In the old health order, it read in part, “The aim of this Order is for residents and organizations within Sedgwick County to voluntarily comply.”

The new health order replaces that with, “Individuals and organizations within Sedgwick County are required to comply with this Order.”

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