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Shawnee County Sports Banquet High School Nominees

The 15th annual Topeka Shawnee County Sports Awards banquet on June 26 at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center in downtown Topeka.

The event will honor the top senior student-athletes in Shawnee County in conjunction with the induction of the 2019 Hall of Fame class of Ron Bowen, Trisa Nickoley and the late Pete Goering.

The award nominees are as follows.

Daniel Hernandez- Hayden
Spencer Jackman-Highland Park
Garrett Carver- Rossville
Same Payne-Seaman
TJ Swietek- Shawnee Heights
Grant Cooney-Topeka High
Ethan Burke-Topeka West
Easton Weber-Washburn Rural

Brooklyn Hunter-Hayden
Tione Jackson-Highland Park
Aleksandra Sadowska-Seaman
Sydney Wellshear-Shawnee Heights
Abby Pressgrove-Silver Lake
Abby Wagemaker-Topeka High
Kiora Brooks-Topeka West
Shelby Ebert-Washburn Rural

Levi Braun-Hayden
Keny Hartzell-Highland Park
Josh Florence-Seaman
Chris Berry-Shawnee Heights
Vince Vehige-Topeka High
Korbin Kido-Topeka West
Jordan White-Washburn Rural

Brooklyn Hunter-Hayden
Tione Jackson-Highland Park
Caila Hill-Rossville
Brianna Evans-Seaman
Cayla Bortz-Shawnee Heights
Gabby Rivera-Topeka West
Carly Bachelor-Washburn Rural

Sean Sandstrom-Hayden
Xavier Austin-Highland Park
Parker Wildeman-Seaman
Tyce Brown-Shawnee Heights
Jake Lindstrom-Silver Lake
Zu’mere Beard-Topeka West
Ryker Kramer-Washburn Rural

Spring Female
Hannah Spellman-Hayden
Sage Poe-Highland Park
Kelcie Kippes-Rossville
Megan Skoch-Seaman
Abbey Fischer-Shawnee Heights
Abby Pressgrove-Silver Lake
Alyssa Morrell-Topeka High
Riley Zook-Topeka West
Jaybe Shufelberger-Washburn Rural

Most Inspirational-Male
Levi Braun-Hayden
Alejandro Martinez-Highland Park
Jared Kerr-Seaman
Santiago Soto-Shawnee Heights
Tate Donohue-Topeka West
Hunter Turner-Washburn Rural

Most Inspirational Female
Katye Vausbinder-Hayden
Sage Poe- Highland Park
Madison Dees-Seaman
Shy Tyler-Shawnee Heights
Tionna German-Topeka High
Shelby Ebert-Washburn Rural

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