Governor Laura Kelly says the state of Kansas is on the cusp of dedicating millions of dollars in federal disaster aid to expanding statewide COVID-19 testing to include more people without symptoms of the virus.

The Reflector reports that the Kelly administration task force responsible for coordinating distribution of $1 billion CARES Act funding among state agencies and local units of government will discuss a financial plan for a widening sweep of coronavirus testing in Kansas, Kelly said.

SPARK, or Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas, was formed in May.

“We do need to expand our testing,” the governor said at the Capitol. “SPARK task force will make recommendations to spend a fair chunk of CARES Act money on testing.”

Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning has sought to apply federal disaster money to extend testing across the state.

His goal is to show prevalence of the virus in Kansas hovers below 5% rather than the 10.9% registered through limited testing of symptomatic people, or individuals known to have been at cluster sites.